♥♥♥ Beautiful!!!! Summer is in full bloom and so can your table centerpiece be in beautiful colors. Change the colors with the seasons.
Always wanted to know how this was done!!
Prepare 3 or 4 glasses of warm water with different food coloring. Make sure to use a lot of coloring, the stronger the better. Use cream or white roses and split the bottom of the stem in 4 pieces, about 2 inches high. Put each piece in a different color water and let sit for approximately 36 -48 hours.

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JOKE OF THE DAY: One woman to another woman with a bratty kid, “If we’re all being honest here, your child wants me to OD on birth control.”

HAPPY JULY 23 BIRTHDAY TO: Slash 48, Daniel Radcliffe 24, Paul Wesley 31, Philip Seymour Hoffman 46, Monica Lewinsky 40, Woody Harrelson 42, Michelle Williams 43, Pee Wee Reese (1918-1999), Don Drysdale (1936-1993), Stephanie Marsh 39, Tristan MacManus 31, Kathryn Hahn 38, and Edie McClurg 62.

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