You, and several other people have been looking at outdoor furniture all summer, just waiting for it to go on sale. Do you play the waiting game? You’ve seen your dream set at 10% off 20% 30% and 40% off. How long do you hold out for the big 5-0 before your dream set is in someone else’s back yard?

My advice would be…pull the trigger at 20-30% off. At this price range there are probably plenty of frames and fabrics to choose from. Say, for example, you have been looking at a sofa, love seat, chair, coffee and 2 end table combo. Someone comes in and buys the love seat, coffee and 1 end table combination while you are waiting for the 40% sign to go up. This happens more often than you would believe. Now, you have a decision to buy an incomplete set or try to pull together a set that looks like it isn’t pieced together. Maybe you get lucky and the frames are still available (now at full price plus tax) because they have to be ordered in. Ahhh, the fabric…your fabric has been discontinued and you have to hope there is a coordinating fabric so the set looks like it was ordered that way. Again, at full price plus taxes if you want it this season.

TIP: Before you give up entirely and kick yourself around the block two or three times, there may just be some salvation. As retailers, we have access to “pre-buy” specials from our suppliers at a bit of a discount which we may be able to pass on to the consumer for the next year. Not all retailers have access to a pre-buy program, not all take advantage of the program and not all will pass on the savings. To take advantage of this savings event, you have to do it NOW…not next week, but now. There will be a monetary commitment and no refund once the deal has been made. A couple of perks to buying outdoor furniture this way is: 1. The dream set you order is what you’ll get, on time, when spring comes. 2. The warranty is extended because the product is new for the upcoming year and 3. There is still money in your piggy bank.

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TIP OF THE DAY: When you have to hang something (like a power bar or shelf) with exact holes, photocopy the back and use it as a template. Saves a great deal of measuring and guess work…and holes in the wall.

HAPPY SEPTEMBER 23 BIRTHDAY TO: Chi McBride 52, Bruce Springsteen 63, Mickey Rooney (1920-2014), Ray Charles (1930-2004), Jason Alexander 55, Julio Iglesias 71, John Coltrane (1926-1967), Paul Petersen 69, Anthony Mackie 36, and Chris Miller 37.



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