28 Feb 2014
February 28, 2014

Things You Need to Start Doing Now for Your Spouse’s Sake

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No decorating advice or really good recipes today, just some helpful advice for both men and women.
This blog is compliments of Houzz. We asked Houzzers what their biggest bone of contention was with their significant other, and more than a hundred responses have painted a pretty clear picture: We love you, but you’re killing us, it’s easier to train a puppy,”Not sure what you’re doing wrong? No worries. We’re here to help. Start doing these things now for your partner, and you’ll be on the road to redemption.
OK, nobody’s perfect. But seriously, you really need to start putting a new roll of toilet paper on the spindle when it’s out. And you definitely need to start closing the toilet lid, like, 10 years ago. Oh, and I’m pretty sure someone has been telling you to stop throwing your clothes on the floor — next to the hamper, no less! — since long before your hair turned gray.
eclectic closet by Artistico
Learn where everything is and where everything goes. Oh, you don’t know where the sugar is? Well, I really don’t want to stop whatever I’m doing every time you need something. This is your house, too. How about we schedule some time to do a quick inventory? Or maybe we can label drawers, cabinets and bins for a month until you learn where everything is and goes.And P.S.: If something is empty, it goes in the trash. “Eating or drinking the last of anything, then putting the empty container back in the pantry/fridge. Really?!?”
traditional family room by FX Pros, LLC
Close the cabinet doors and drawers. Is our house haunted? Is there a poltergeist? Should I call a young priest and an old priest? If I wanted to see what was behind those cabinet doors, I’d have bought floating shelves.
traditional kitchen by Agnes Blum
Clean your dishes. Seriously? You’re an adult, and you still pile dirty dishes right on top of the counter? I love you enough to claw your crusty food off a bowl because you left it there overnight, but please, make this stop!It takes five seconds to scrape, rinse and put a dish in the dishwasher. If the dishwasher is full, please just empty it! But if you don’t have time, or you don’t have a dishwasher, please scrape the plate, rinse it and stack it neatly in the sink with like dishes — stack plates together and bowls together; put utensils together etc.
traditional kitchen by Mullet Cabinet
eclectic home office by Brooklyn Limestone
Specialty scissors and tools are not marital property. Men: So you really need to cut that milk carton, huh? Well, sorry, my very sharp and very special scissors are not the right tool for the job. And ladies, please take care of all my tools. That means not leaving them in the grass to rust. “Using an expensive stain brush for a craft project is not allowed.

traditional laundry room by ReStyle Group

Put dirty laundry in the hamper; clean clothes go back in drawers or get hung up. Unless the kids are away and we’re in a moment of passion, let’s keep our clothes off the floor. They don’t go on chair backs or slung over doors, or strewn about the bathroom floor. If it can be worn again, hang it back up.
traditional kitchen by Polly Blair
Don’t leave piles of mail, newspapers or magazines out. You know, every now and then there are really important things that come in the mail. It’s probably good to go through it at least once in your lifetime. If you can’t get to it right away, file it away neatly and get to it as soon as you can.
traditional staircase Hidden Cat Retreat
Help clean out the litter box. You smell that? Thought so. Empty the litter box as soon as an odor is present. It’s great that you lit a candle, but your waiting for us to come home and clean out the box drives us crazy!
mediterranean exterior by Heritage Design Studio
Turn off the light when you leave a room. Guess what? Lights are one of the biggest energy sucks in a home. They’re like spotlights illuminating your laziness and wastefulness. Hit the switch!
contemporary bathroom by Sandvold Blanda Architecture + Interiors LLC
For the last time: Close. The. Toilet. Lid. Male, female, dog, cat — if you use the toilet, the seat goes down. This is a big one for most people. The kids leave the toilet seat up, which invites our giant dog to drink out of the bowl. First, the irritating sound of lapping toilet water, then having to clean up the dripping throughout the house. Can’t take it. Here is a simple solution: soft closing toilet seat.
modern by Donatelli Builders, Inc
Replace the toilet paper. Just do it.
modern bedroom by Andrew Snow Photography
Shut the doors and windows. Did you know a fly crawled into my nose last night? Did you? Please shut the doors and windows before I get eaten alive by creatures.
beach style entry by Munger Interiors
Don’t take your towel out of the bathroom. And definitely don’t take my towel out of the bathroom. I get it. You wore your towel out of the shower yesterday to get dressed. You threw the towel over the chair and forgot it when you showered today. The only towel there was mine, so you took it. Well, guess what? Now I’m standing here cold, naked and dripping!
by Dura Supreme Cabinetry
Put a garbage bag into the can. Thanks for taking the garbage out. Really, that’s great. But when you leave the empty can and still toss trash in there, I die a little on the inside.
tropical entry by Philpotts Interiors
Take off your shoes or wipe them on the doormat. Members of the house will try to sneak in with their shoes on. Their response: ‘My shoes are clean.’ Grrr. My response: ‘Then lick the bottom of them.’ That’s when they usually take them off.”
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JOKE OF THE DAY: I’ll do a lot of things for money, but I draw the line at working.
HAPPY FEBRUARY 28 BIRTHDAY TO: Mario Andretti 74, Bernadette Peters 66, Eric Lindros 41, Olivia Palermo 28, Brian Jones (1942-1969), Gavin Macleod 83, Charles Durning (1923-2012), Bugsy Siegel (1906-1947), Patrick Monahan (lead singer of Train) 45, and Vincente Minnelli (1903-1986).
27 Feb 2014
February 27, 2014

Think Outdoor Furniture Now – Be Ready For Spring

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Tuscany. New this year, is a mid-range comfortable outdoor set with so many configurations, there isn’t a deck it won’t fit. Pieces include right and left love seats, a corner piece, armless chairs, coffee and end tables and an ottoman. Put together one way, it is a sectional; another way it is a lounger and another way, it is a sofa, love seat or chair. The foam is the same high quality as more expensive sets and the fabric is Sunbrella, the best in the outdoor industry. What sets the Tuscany apart from department store sets is…aluminum frames, (not powder coated metal) which will provide years of exceptional service and no rust. The wide modern resin strands have a generous amount of UV inhibitors to prevent fading, peeling and cracking. The Tuscany is featured in the latest must-have color, Saffron Taupe. Clean up is easy with a garden hose. Charter House will have Tuscany in-store soon. We are taking pre-orders at 20% off regular price with your choice of fabric until April 30. Free storage. To keep any outdoor furniture looking like new, we recommend purchasing a reasonably priced cover.

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TIP OF THE DAY: How to Keep Brown Sugar Soft ~ Toss a couple of marshmallows in the bag or container…

THOUGHT OF THE DAY: The best sign of a healthy relationship is no sign of it on Facebook.

HAPPY FEBRUARY 27 BIRTHDAY TO: Elizabeth Taylor (1932-2011), Jennifer JWOWW Farley 28, Chelsea Clinton 33, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow would have been 108, Kate Mara 31, Ralph Nader 80, Howard Hessman 74, Timothy Spall 57, Mitch Mustain 26, Joanne Woodward 84, Ariel Sharon 86, and Hugo Black (1886-1971).


26 Feb 2014
February 26, 2014

Bacon Pancake Dippers – Fun For The Kids

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Bacon Pancake Dippers

So easy and insanely, ridiculously yummy.

Crisp up your favorite bacon. Make your favorite pancake batter from scratch or a mix.

Pour strips of batter on a griddle. Top with a piece of cooked bacon. Drizzle more batter over top to cover. Cook until golden on one side. Flip. Cook until golden on the other side. Serve warm with butter and maple syrup.

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FEBRUARY 26 IS “PINK SHIRT DAY”:  in support of bullying prevention in North America. 

JOKE OF THE DAY: I’d rather be fat and warm than cold and fit.

YOU GOT THAT RIGHT: Good music doesn’t have an expiration date.

HAPPY FEBRUARY 26 BIRTHDAY TO: , Michael Boulton 61, Darius Hayward-Bey 27, Fats Domino 86, William Buffalo Bill Cody (1846-1917), Levi Strauss (1829-1902), Jackie Gleason (1915-`1987), Victor ‘Les Miserables’ Hugo (1802-1885), William Crawley (1887-1996), Tony Randall (1920-2004), and Johnny Cash (1932-2003),

25 Feb 2014
February 25, 2014

How to Add Toe Kick Drawers for More Storage

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The blog today is compliments of Houzz. Think you’re out of storage space in your kitchen? Think again. Toe kicks, the baseboards of your cabinets, conceal unused space big enough to hold slim drawers. Of course, the narrow space doesn’t fit everything, but I have four toe kick drawers in my own kitchen that hold less frequently used kitchen tools, such as a cherry pitter and a candy thermometer; emergency supplies, such as candles, batteries and flashlights; appliance manuals; service receipts; and pet bowls. Think of all that storage you may be missing out on! Here’s how to get toe kick storage in your own kitchen.

traditional kitchen by Cameo Kitchens, Inc.
Project: Adding toe kick storage drawers.Why: A toe kick drawer is nothing more than a regular cabinet drawer, mounted in the open, unfinished base of a cabinet with trim attached to the front. Measure the linear feet of your toe kicks and you can see how much storage space you could have. Use these drawers to store cookie sheets, baking pans, serving platters and utensils that you use only once in a while.
asian kitchen by Slesinski Design Group, Inc.
Who to hire: By far the easiest and best way to install toe kick storage is to order it with new cabinets.If you have existing kitchen cabinets, you may be able to get a carpenter to retrofit some drawers. There are online tutorials that explain how to build essentially a freestanding drawer that will slip underneath your cabinet. It can then be finished with base molding to match. (The drawer itself, however, will be several inches narrower than the cabinet it fits under because of the required drawer support.)
by Kathryn Peltier Design
If your cabinets were stick-built onsite, you may or may not be able to accomplish this, depending on how they were built. The cost to retrofit drawers will vary depending upon size, location and labor costs, but plan to spend about $150 and up per drawer. In a small kitchen especially, however, where every inch counts, it may be a small price to pay for so much additional storage.
modern kitchen by SVEA KITCHENS
Cost: As mentioned, expect to spend about $175 to $225 and up per drawer when ordering them with new cabinets. Adding a drawer to your existing cabinet bases will run about $150 per drawer for installation.
Hardware and pulls: This drawer, by Seva Kitchens, has a particularly nice hidden, integrated pull, as well as a touch-latch mechanism that opens with a slight kick of the foot.
Make sure you don’t exceed the weight limits of your drawer hardware.
eclectic kitchen by Richard Landon Design
Consider whether or not you want the drawer pulls to match your cabinet hardware or be different. Considering they will be somewhat hidden, you can get away with less expensive versions.
Also, plan where the seams will fall. You may not want seams on your baseboards that don’t line up with your cabinets. In this case the drawer fronts can be extended to help visually balance the seams.
traditional kitchen by Gibson Gimpel Interior Design
Here is a very wide drawer used to store silver platters in a butler’s pantry. Drawers like this could even be lined with antitarnish cloth.
Linens, dish towels and placemats can also fit neatly in a toe kick drawer.
by Absolute Kitchen And Bath
You can keep books, craft supplies, small hand tools, office supplies or emergency items in the drawer too.
traditional kitchen by Richard Landon Design
I love this idea for storing pet bowls. When your animals are done eating, just push the drawer back in. Just make sure that the location of your pet drawer won’t block a main aisle, especially during busy times.
cabinet and drawer organizers by DeWils Custom Cabinetry
Here’s a drawer with built-in pet bowls.
traditional bathroom by NICOLEHOLLIS
Or how about you don’t store anything at all, but include a built-in pull-out step? The ones shown here are higher than the average toe kick, but even the typical 4-incher could give you just enough height to get to higher shelves, or could help kids brush their teeth and wash their hands.
contemporary bathroom by Rebecca Ryan Design
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JOKE OF THE DAY: (One man says to his friend) “You know, my wife’s female intuition is so highly developed, she sometimes knows I’m wrong before I’ve opened my mouth.”

HAPPY FEBRUARY 25 BIRTHDAY TO: Rashida Jones 37, Isabelle Furman 17, Sean Astin 43, James Phelps 28, Oliver Phelps 28, George Harrison (1943-2001), James Backus (1913-1989), Tea Leoni 48, and Sally Jesse Raphael 79.

24 Feb 2014
February 24, 2014

4 Genius Ideas for Rainy Day (Or -30* Winter) K9 Exercise

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Prevent your dog from becoming destructive by giving him something to do.

The following tips were found on Facebook but the photo is our own ‘George’. This mess was not staged…one little dog did all this damage when we left him alone for a couple of hours. There was a foam topper for a bed, various Christmas presents, two different shoes, a mitt and just out of range…an oval coffee table that was once rectangular. As this photo was taken, we giving him heck for the damage and he was giving it right back to us for leaving him.

Inclement weather can make exercising your dog a chore or even impossible. When your best friend can’t get outside, pent up energy can lead to destructive behaviors like chewing, zooming through the house, getting into the garbage, etc. So how do you tire out your dog when you can’t go outside? Here are a few ideas to help get your dog’s energy out, without destroying your home.

1. Indoor Obstacle Course. Clear out a space in a room (be sure to move lamps, cords, anything that could trip your dog or break) and set up an indoor obstacle course. Books or chairs with a broom stick can make a jump; a dining room table covered on two sides with sheets can form a tunnel as can the couch pulled away from the wall; chairs can be used as cones to run around. Be imaginative and you can create a safe way to exercise your dog without damaging your furniture.

2. Forage for Food. Instead of just feeding your dog out of his bowl, hide his kibble in a room, or throughout the house for him to find. Not only will it keep him busy, but he will exert energy and tire himself out while getting his meal.

3. Teach a New Trick. Training uses brain energy which can tire a dog out just as well as a run can. Do a few 20 minute sessions during the day and your dog will be a lot less likely to get into trouble. Remember, it doesn’t have to be something hard or even obedience related. Take the opportunity to work on something fun like a high five, pick up your toys, or roll over.

4. Hide and Seek. This old childhood game for rainy days is great for pups too. Distract your dog with some food or a toy and then go and hide. Wait a few seconds and call their name. Depending on your dog’s level of expertise at finding you, you can continue to encourage them to come, or be silent and wait for them to find you. This is a great game that will entertain you both.

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THOUGHT OF THE DAY: Never underestimate the therapeutic power of driving and listening to very loud music.

HAPPY FEBRUARY 24 BIRTHDAY TO: George Thorogood 64, Abe Vigoda 93, Kristin Davis 48, Steven Jobs (1955-2011), Phil Knight (co-founder of Nike) 76, Billy Zane 48, Edward James Olmos 67, Sammy Kershaw 56, Barry Bostwick 67, Debra Jo Rupp 63, and Mark Moses 56.


23 Feb 2014
February 23, 2014

Unbelievable Dog Dream Homes

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Yesterday’s blog was about incredible cat condos and today it is the dog’s turn to have gorgeous spaces dedicated to their every level of comfort. Most human homes don’t look this posh. Have a look at these spaces and if you have an awkward space in your home that is nearly impossible to decorate, then turn it into a room for your very best fur baby.


Beautiful doggy corner, don’t you think?

What a cozy doggy room! So pretty!

Not only does the doggy have a space of his own, he has his own room with air conditioning!

Such a lovely doggy space! Love the decorations too!

These doggies have their very own doggy hide-out under the stairs!

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JOKE OF THE DAY: I have the body of a god. Unfortunately, it’s Budda.

HAPPY FEBRUARY 23 BIRTHDAY TO: Peter Fonda 74, Victor Flemming (1889-1949), Michael Dell 49, Patricia Richardson 63, Johnny Winter 70, Emily Blunt 31, Kristin Davis 49, Perez Hilton 36, Niecy Nash 44, and Dakota Fanning 20.

22 Feb 2014
February 22, 2014

Extreme Cat “Condos” And More…

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Today’s blog is compliments of Houzz. This guy is seriously crazy about making all his cats comfortable. Have a look at some of the ideas he has come up with…shelves and walkways; things cat owners could do for their fur babies to help get exercise. 

Walkways and tunnels custom built to the tune of about $35,000 keep a homeowner’s 18 cats on cloud nine

In 1988, when home builder Peter Cohen moved into his house in Goleta, California, two roaming outdoor cats came with the property. Shortly after he moved in, one was killed by a car and the other was hit by a car. This prompted Cohen to keep the surviving cat indoors. Soon after, he began rescuing cats that nobody wanted. Before he knew it, he had 18 on his hands.
eclectic home office by Trillium Enterprises, INC.
After a home remodel in the 1990’s, Cohen began constructing catwalks and tunnels for his feline companions. The intricate and artistic platforms and walkways allow the cats to climb, jump and crawl through the house, and they even connect to various litter boxes — 24 of them — which are concealed in closets with fans and the garage. “The house is designed not to smell, and it doesn’t,” he says.Cohen got the idea for his catwalks after picking up a mini book called The Cats’ House, by Bob Walker. “I thought, ‘I’m a builder. I could do that,’” he says. When there was downtime at his building firm,Trillium Enterprises, Cohen traded tools with carpenters and had them come to his house to design and build the additions.In Cohen’s home office (shown here), a spiral walkway wraps around a floor-to-ceiling scratching post. His cats, all mutts, climb up the pole and walk down the spiral. “I thought maybe the cats would just look at it, but they use it all,” he says. “It’s like a freeway sometimes with them all over the place.”
eclectic home office by Trillium Enterprises, INC.
eclectic bathroom by Trillium Enterprises, INC.
The pieces have an artistic element and are painted bright colors. Some of them look just like floating shelves.
Catwalks crisscross the main bathroom. The shark’s mouth is the opening of a tunnel. The yellow platform beneath the skylight is a favorite spot for naps.
“Cats are very calming,” he says. “It’s hard to stay mad when a cat sits in your lap and purrs.”
eclectic bathroom by Trillium Enterprises, INC.
Steps lead along the bathroom wall to a ledge above the window. The two little black squares at the base of the bathtub lead to the garage and litter boxes. More tunnels in the garage lead to the kitchen.
The cats now have two ways to get in and out of each location. In places where he originally had just a single tunnel, Cohen found that one cat would sit in the tunnel and not let the others pass. He also designed the tunnels so the cats are never more than an arm’s length away in the tunnels, and so he can clean the spaces out easily by hand.
eclectic entry by Trillium Enterprises, INC.
An S-shaped walkway hangs on the wall near a koi pond, which the cats use as a drinking fountain. The green square hides a tunnel that connects to Cohen’s bedroom entryway and around to another tunnel that leads to the bedroom.
eclectic bedroom by Trillium Enterprises, INC.
The tunnel opening in Cohen’s bedroom is concealed by a hippo piece; shelves and steps lead to a loft of cat beds.
The home is also a smart home, with 25 security cameras (one can be seen here on the ceiling above the door) so that Cohen can check on his cats when he’s traveling for business. From his iPhone he can also control the window shades, temperature, door locks, fireplace, music, lighting and more.
All told, Cohen says he spent about $30,000 to $40,000 since 1995 to build the catwalks. “Way more expensive than a sane person would build, but I didn’t care,” he says. “I love my cats, my house and art, so I designed it to be beautiful to me.”
eclectic family room by Trillium Enterprises, INC.
In the main bedroom (Cohen shares the house with his partner and a business partner), the cats can climb another scratching post and even drop down onto a floating platform.
The interiors were off-white when Cohen moved in. When he decided to change up the home, he added his favorite colors — yellow, green and blue.
While Cohen says he’s done adopting cats for now, the catwalk project is ongoing. “We’ll never stop,” he says.
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HAPPY FEBRUARY 22 BIRTHDAY TO: Drew Barrymore 39, Julie Walters 64, Clinton Kelly 45, Jeri Ryan 46, Zach Roerig 29, Thomas Jane 45, James Hong 85, Vijay Singh 51, Paul Lieberstein 47, Steve Irwin (1962-2006), Ted Kennedy (1932-2009), and Sparkey Anderson (1945-2010).
21 Feb 2014
February 21, 2014

This Is A Very Cool Recipe For Watermelon Cake

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This is something you may want to make shortly before serving to avoid a watery dessert. It is low calorie, tasty and nutritious…and pretty.

Whipped cream or Coconut Whipped cream
1 Large Watermelon cut in a circle like a cake

Cut your watermelon based on the photo tutorial in the post.
Pat the watermelon down with wipes to dry it.
Frost it with whipped cream
Add Almonds to the side
Decorate the top with fresh fruit of your choice. I like raspberries and blueberries.

SHARING: I do not claim all posts to be my own…I post the sites they are from if the source is known.

JOKE OF THE DAY: As a trucker stops at a red light, a woman catches up. She jumps out of her car, runs up to his truck, and knocks on the door. The trucker lowers the window, and she says “Hi, my name is Heather and you’re losing some of your load.”
The trucker ignores her and proceeds down the street. When the truck stops for another red light, the woman catches up again. She jumps out of her car, runs up and knocks on the door. Again, the trucker lowers the window. As if they’ve never spoken, the blonde says brightly, “Hi my name is Heather, and you are losing some of your load!”
Shaking his head, the trucker ignores her again and continues down the street. At the third red light, the same thing happens again. All out of breath, the woman gets out of her car, runs up, knocks on the truck door. The trucker lowers the window. Again she says “Hi, my name is Heather, and you are losing some of your load!”
When the light turns green the trucker revs up and races to the next light. When he stops this time, he hurriedly gets out of the truck, and runs back to the blonde’s car. He knocks on her window, and as she lowers it, he says “Hi, my name is Kevin, it’s winter in Saskatchewan and I’m driving the SALT TRUCK!”

SAYING OF THE DAY: Coffee in hand, Big girl (or boy) panties pulled up, sparkle in my eye and a smile on my face. Yep, I am ready for the day…bring it on.

HAPPY FEBRUARY 21 BIRTHDAY TO: William Peterson 61, Ashley Greene 27, Jennifer Love Hewitt 36, Corbin Bleu 25, Kelsey Grammer 58, Tyne Daly 68, William Baldwin 51, Anthony (C-3PO) Daniels 68, Mary Chapin Carpenter 56, Christopher Atkins 53, Sara Blakely 43 (self made billionaire-founder of Spanx), Rue McClanahan (1934-2010), and Erma Bombeck (1927-1996).

20 Feb 2014
February 20, 2014

Hanging Gutter Garden

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GUTTER GARDEN! It is way too early to be thinking about something like gutter gardens, with Saskatoon heading into another -32 deep freeze but…this is so clever an idea, it is too good to pass up blogging about.

1 – 8′ PVC white rain gutter cut into 3 32″ sections
6 – PVC white gutter end caps
2 – 1/8″diameter steel cables cut to desired length
6 – Feeney Cross Clamps (see image below)
6 – 1/8″ diameter Feeney steel rods
2 – Galvanized eye hooks
Potting soil and Plants

Cordless Drill with drill bit set
Hand saw or hack saw
T-square or straight edge
Tape measure
Permanent marker
Eye protection

1. Determine the center of your gutters and draw a reference line (otherwise your gutter won’t hang right).
2. Mark and drill the holes for the steel cable rods. Find a drill bit the same diameter as the cable to minimize the wiggle room.
3. Space drill holes a few sizes larger to make sure you get good drainage (plant roots hate sitting in water for long periods of time).
4. Locate a spot that gets at least 4 hours of sun.
5. Drill pilot holes (a hole slightly smaller in diameter than the screw diameter) to make screwing in the eye hook a lot easier. Make sure the holes are the same distance as the steel cable so they hang straight down.
6. Slide the gutters through the holes and secure them with the cross clamps at your desired heights. TIP: Place mesh tape (normally used for drywall joints), over the drainage holes to keep the soil from seeping. However, if the holes are small enough, this step is not necessary.
7. Secure the gutter with the cross clamps and half circle steel rods.

Now you’re ready to fill it with organic potting soil and plant them with your choice of shallow rooted plants. These will dry out quickly so keep up with watering.

SHARING: I do not claim all posts to be my own…I post the sites they are from if the source is known.

JOKE OF THE DAY: Compliments of Maxine… I once caught a Peeping Tom watching me undress. I was going to call the police but I figured he’d suffered enough.

THIS DAY IN BUSINESS: 1959 Canada’s Avro Aircraft supersonic jet program is cancelled-the decision is highly controversial and puts Avro Aircraft Limited out of business.

HAPPY FEBRUARY 20 BIRTHDAY TO: Cindy Crawford 48, Sidney Poitier 87, Curt Cobain (1967-1994), Ansel Adams ( 1902-1984), Anthony Head 60, Sandy Duncan 68, Ivana Trump 65, Jeremy Foley 41, Patty Hearst 60, Buffy St. Marie 73, Phil Esposito 72, Lauren Ambrose 36 and Rihanna 26.


19 Feb 2014
February 19, 2014

Banana Split Dessert – This Looks So Good

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Banana Split Dessert
2 cups graham cracker crumbs (about 10 whole crackers crushed)
1 1/4 cups sugar, divided
1/3 cup butter, melted
2 pkgs (8 oz) cream cheese, room temperature
1 can (20 oz) crushed pineapple, drained
1 cup strawberries, sliced thin
4 ripe bananas
2 cups cold Milk
1 large box instant Vanilla Pudding
2 cups heavy whipping cream (or 8 oz. carton Cool Whip thawed)
2 tsp pure vanilla extract
1/4 cup powdered sugar
1 cup chopped pecans or walnuts
In a medium sized bowl, mix together graham cracker crumbs, 1/4 cup sugar, and melted butter. Press into the bottom of a 9 x 13 inch pan. Set aside.Beat together remaining sugar and cream cheese until well mixed. Carefully spread over cookie crust. Top with pineapple. Slice bananas and layer over pineapple. Add sliced strawberries over bananas.In another bowl mix together cold milk and vanilla pudding and set aside. In a large bowl, beat together whipping cream, vanilla and powdered sugar until soft peaks form. Remove 1 cup of whipped cream/powdered sugar mixture and fold into pudding. Layer pudding over bananas. Spread remaining whipped cream over pudding and sprinkle with huts. Chill for 5 hours before serving.
SHARING: I do not claim all posts to be my own…I post the sites they are from if the source is known.

JOKE OF THE DAY: I am excited to have four days to hear about your three day weekend.

THIS DAY IN ENTERTAINMENT: 1976 George Harrison was fined for plagiarism with “My Sweet Lord” song’s similarity to “He’s So Fine”.

HAPPY FEBRUARY 19 BIRTHDAY TO: Jeff Daniels 60, Smokey Robinson 75, Seal 52, Lee Marvin (1924-1987), Justine Bateman 49, Benicio Del Toro 48, Eric Lange 42, Sanya Richards 30, Leslie David Baker 57, and Scott Paulin 65.