30 Jun 2016
June 30, 2016

Prevent Your Thighs From Chafing This Summer With These Useful Tips!

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Ladies: Prevent Your Thighs From Chafing This Summer With These Useful Tips!

#1 Bike Shorts
If you’re a dress and skirts kind of girl, you’ll definitely deal with chafing when the heat picks up – so add biker shorts under your clothes to prevent chafing.

#2 Deodorant
Putting deodorant on your thighs will prevent sweating and rubbing together.

#3 Switch To Shorts Entirely
Skin to skin contact is much easier prevented when you wear shorts instead of skirts and dresses…and don’t worry you’ll still be able to flaunt that summer body!

#4 Coco Oil
Coconut oil contains anti-bacterial properties which will keep your inner thighs extremely hydrated and moisturized.

#5 Rash Cream (Desitin)
Your parents would apply this to your rashes when you were a child, so why not put it on as an adult?

#6 Petroleum Jelly
Baby oil and Vaseline will definitely keep your legs from rubbing together and becoming irritated.

#7 Bandelettes (PICTURED)
Bandelettes are extremely comfortable while adding that oomph to your outfit. This thin extra layer of clothing will allow your thighs to breath and never touch each other!

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JOKE OF THE DAY: Some people say their body is a temple. Mine is a bouncy castle.

HAPPY JUNE 30 BIRTHDAY TO: Mike Tyson 50, Marton Csokas 50, Michael Phelps 31, Cheryl Cole 33, Angela Sarafyan 33, Lizzy Caplan 34, Lena Horne (1917-2010), and Susan Hayward (1917-1975).

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29 Jun 2016
June 29, 2016

Use A Tension Shower Curtain Rod To Help Clean Blinds

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I love seeing new uses for pallets and tension shower curtain rods. This idea for a shower curtain tension rod is brilliant. Take down your dirty, grimy, dusty vertical blinds to clean them (this is one of the nastiest cleaning chores). Soak them overnight in the tub in a mixture of Dawn, vinegar and water. Place the rod about half way up in the shower and hang the blinds on them. Then after hanging them up, spray them with glass cleaner and scrub with a little brush, the grime should come right off. Finally, with a handheld spray nozzle, rinse them. After drying each slat with a clean towel, they will look good as new! Still a lot of work but the job is made easier with a tension rod.

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JOKE OF THE DAY: We all have that funny voice we use when we’re talking to dogs, babies and idiots.

THOUGHT OF THE DAY: I judge people by how they treat animals, how they treat the wait staff at restaurants and what they do with their shopping cart when they are done with it.

HAPPY JUNE 29 BIRTHDAY TO: Gary Busey 72, Lorenzo Henrie 23, Sharon Lawrence 55, Nicole Scherzinger 38, Fred Grandy 68, Neil Perry 39, Melora Hardin 39, Slim Pickens (1919-1987), and Harmon Killebrew (1936-2011).

28 Jun 2016
June 28, 2016

How to Be Truly Generous: 9 Things Genuinely Kind People Always Do

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How to Be Truly Generous: 9 Things Genuinely Kind People Always Do
How many of these qualities describe you?

Think about someone you genuinely respect. Think about someone you truly admire. Think about someone you love to be around. She may not be rich. He may not be highly accomplished. She may not be a household name.

Yet you love to be around her–and you would love to be more like her. What sets her apart from everyone else?

She’s generous, without expectation of return. She’s generous because a big chunk of her happiness–and success–comes from helping other people be happy and successful.

Here’s what sets generous people apart:

1. They’re generous with praise. Everyone, even relatively poor performers, does something well. That’s why everyone deserves praise and appreciation. It’s easy for most of us to recognize great employees; after all, they do great things. (Of course it’s very possible that consistent praise is one of the reasons they’ve become great.) Relatively few of us work hard to find reasons to praise the person who simply meets standards. The people who do this know that a few words of recognition–especially when that recognition is publicly given–could just be the nudge that inspires an average performer to become a great performer. Generous people can often see the good in another person before that person sees it in herself, providing a spark that just might help her reach her true potential.

2. They’re generous with patience. For some people, we’re willing to give our all. Why? They care about us, they believe in us, and we don’t want to let them down. Showing patience is an extraordinary way to let people know we truly care about them. Showing patience and expressing genuine confidence is an extraordinary way to let people know we truly believe in them. Showing patience is an extremely generous thing to do, because it shows how much you care.

3. They’re generous with privacy. Everyone shares. Everyone likes and tweets. Lives have increasingly become open books. Gradually, we’ve started to feel we have a right to know more about others than we ever did. Sometimes, we don’t need to know. Often, we don’t have a right to know. Often, the best gift we can give is the gift of privacy, of not asking, not prying–yet always being available if and when another person does want or need to share. Generous people are willing to not only respect someone’s privacy but also to help the person guard it–because they know it’s not necessary to know in order to care.

4. They’re generous with opportunities. Every job has the potential to lead to greater things. Every person has the potential, both professionally and personally, to accomplish greater things. Generous bosses take the time to develop employees for the job they someday hope to land, even if that job is with another company. Generous people take the time to help another person find and seize opportunities. Many people have the ability to feel someone else’s pain and help the person work through it. A few, a special few, have the ability to feel someone else’s dreams and help the person work toward them–and to help open doors that might otherwise have remained closed.

5. They’re generous with the truth. Lip service is easy to pay. Professionalism is easy to display. Much more rare are people who can be highly professional yet also openly human. They’re willing to show sincere excitement when things go well. They’re willing to show sincere appreciation for hard work and extra effort. They’re wiling to show sincere disappointment–not in others, though, but in themselves.

They openly celebrate. They openly empathize. They openly worry. In short, they’re openly human. They blend professionalism with a healthy dose of humanity–and, more important, allow other people to do the same.

6. They’re generous with tough love. I’m not perfect. You’re not perfect. We all want to be better than we are. Yet we all fall into habits, fall into patterns, and develop blind spots, so we all need constructive feedback.

And that’s why sometimes we all need a swift kick in the pants. It’s relatively easy to provide feedback during evaluations. It’s relatively easy to make one-off comments. It’s a lot tougher to sit someone down and say, “I know you’re capable of a lot more.” Think about a time when someone told you what you least wanted to hear yet most needed to hear. You’ve never forgotten what the person said. It changed your life. Now go change someone else’s life.

7. They’re generous with independence. There is almost always a best practice, so most leaders implement and enforce processes and procedures. For employees, though, engagement and satisfaction are largely based on autonomy and independence. You care the most when it’s “yours.” You care the most when you feel you have the responsibility and authority to do what is right.

That’s why generous people create standards and guidelines but then give employees the autonomy and independence to work the way they work best within those guidelines. They allow employees to turn “have to” into “want to,” which transforms what was just work into something much more meaningful: an outward expression of each person’s unique skills, talents, and experiences.

8. They’re generous with respect. Some employees aren’t outstanding. Some are far from it. They aren’t as smart. They don’t work as hard. They make bigger mistakes. (Some employees ultimately deserve to be let go.) Still, regardless of their level of performance, all employees deserve to be treated with respect. Sarcasm, eye rolling, and biting comments all chip away at a person’s self-respect. It takes true generosity to allow others to maintain a sense of dignity even in the worst of circumstances. After all, I may have to fire you, but I never, ever have to demean or humiliate you.

9. They’re generous with their sense of purpose. Fulfillment is often found in becoming a part of something bigger. We all love to feel that special sense of teamwork and togetherness that turns a task into a quest, a group of individuals into a real team. Anyone can write mission statements. Much tougher is creating a mission that makes a real impact. Even tougher is showing other people how what they do affects their customers, their business, their community, and themselves. Give the gift of caring–and the gift of knowing why to care.

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JOKE OF THE DAY: What did our parents do to kill boredom before the internet? I asked my 26 brothers and sisters, and they don’t know either.

THIS DAY IN SPORTS: 1997 – During a Boxing match, Mike Tyson bites off a piece of Evander Holyfield’s ear.

HAPPY JUNE 28 BIRTHDAY TO: Kellie Pickler 30, Mel Brooks 90, Jon Cusack 50, John Elway 56, Kathy Bates 68, Gilda Radner (1946-1989), Pat Morita (1932-2005), and King Henry VIII of England (1491-1547).

27 Jun 2016
June 27, 2016

Make Your Own Temporary Extension Cord Protection

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If you are planning an outdoor event this summer  and need to set up power in your yard, this is a great tip to ensure the extension cord stays dry and to prevent accidental unplugging. This is genius.

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JOKE OF THE DAY: I don’t like making plans for the day because then the word ‘pre-meditated’ gets thrown around the courtroom.

THIS DAY IN HISTORY: 1987 – Route 66 ceases to be an official U.S. highway.

HAPPY JUNE 29 BIRTHDAY TO: Sam Claflin 30, JJ Abrams 50, Toby Maguire 41, Vera Wang 67, Matthew Lewis 29, Ed Westwick 29, Helen Keller (1880-1968), Bob ‘Captain Kangaroo’ Keeshan (1927-2004).

26 Jun 2016
June 26, 2016

Many Uses For Silica Gel Packs

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Silica Gel Packs…….Save this list and start using those little packets

How many of these silica gel packs have you thrown away?
Start putting them into a small container.
Here are some uses for your silica gel packs.

• Protect personal papers and important documents by putting them in a plastic bag with a couple gel packs.
• Keep with photos to spare them from humidity.
• Tuck a small envelope in the back of frames to protect even the photos hanging on your walls.
• Store in camera bags. It’ll keep your lenses from fogging in the cold.
• Leave a couple packs in your tool box to prevent rusting.
• Use the material to dry flowers.
• Stash some in window sills to banish condensation.
• Dry out electronic items such as your cell phone. (Remember after the device has gotten wet, do not turn it back on! Pull out the battery and memory card and put the device in a container filled with several packs. Leave it in there at least overnight.)
• Slow silver tarnishing by using the gel in jewelry boxes and with your silverware.
• Store your pet food in a bin and tape some silica packs to the bottom of the lid. Soggy pet food days are over.
• Cut open the packs and saturate the beads with essential oils to create potpourri.
• Use in luggage while traveling.
• Tuck some in your pockets. Hide them in your closet in leather goods such as coats and shoes, and even handbags, to help them survive life in storage.
• Gather your razor blades and keep in a container with several silica packs to stave off oxidation.
• Litter is now made with silica. With its fantastic absorption qualities, this litter requires fewer changes and sends less mess to the landfill.
MEN .. you can also put them in your tool boxes to keep your tools from rusting, we do this.

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JOKE OF THE DAY: Well…another day has passed and I didn’t use algebra.

THIS DAY IN HISTORY: 1974 – The UPC is scanned for the first time for a pack of Wrigley’s chewing gun in Troy, Ohio.

HAPPY JUNE 26 BIRTHDAY TO: Chris Isaak 60, Derek Jeter 42, Nick Offerman 46, Chris O’Donnell 46, Peter Lorre (1904-1964), Pearl S. Buck (1892-1973), and Abner Doubleday, an army officer often credited with inventing baseball (1819-1893).

25 Jun 2016
June 25, 2016

Kids Can Have A Safe Canada Day

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What a great idea! Share this with your friends who have little ones, or grandchildren!!

It could make for a happier and safer Canada Day, July 1!
Poke a hole in the bottom of a large plastic cup and it becomes a Sparkler Shield for the little ones. Brilliant and safe!!!

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JOKE OF THE DAY: You’re not really drunk until you are speaking fluent Ozzy Osborne.

HAPPY JUNE 25 BIRTHDAY TO: Carley Simon 71, Linda Cardellini 41, June Lockhart 91,George Michael 53, Ricky Gervais 55, Phyllis George 67, and Jimmy Walker 69.

24 Jun 2016
June 24, 2016

Use A Pool Noodle For A Tall Plant Support

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Use a pool noodle as a support for plants in place of a wooden stake. Cut the noodle lengthwise using a knife. Then, fit it around the base of a plant. As the plant gradually grows taller, you can add another section to support the added growth.

Use an assortment of pool noodle colors for a vibrant-looking garden!

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JOKE OF THE DAY: The best way to remember your wife’s birthday is to forget it just one time.

DEEP THOUGHT OF THE DAY: When you clean out a vacuum cleaner, you become a vacuum cleaner.

HAPPY JUNE 24 BIRTHDAY TO: Robert Downey Sr. 80, Joe Penny 60, Solange Knowles 30, Jeff Beck 72, Michelle Lee 74, Iain Glen 55, Minka Kelly 36, Mindy Kaling 37, Petra Nemcova 37, Sherry Stringfield 49, Mick Fleetwood 69, and Peter Weller 69.

23 Jun 2016
June 23, 2016

Use Your Bundt Pan as A Vertical Roaster

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Bundt Pan as Vertical Roaster – and you thought it was just for cakes.
For a juicy bird that’s crispy all the way around, first layer potatoes, carrots, and onions on the bottom of the pan. Then season the chicken and place in the pan with the cavity over the center hole. Set the dish on a cookie sheet to collect any drippings and roast as usual.

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JOKE OF THE DAY: If you don’t know what to do at a 4 way stop, stay at home. Life only gets harder from there.

ANOTHER JOKE OF THE DAY: Little boy says, “Dad, did you know, in other countries you don’t know who your wife is until you get married?” Father replies, “It’s like that everywhere son.”

THIS DAY IN HISTORY: 1976 – The CN Tower in Toronto (555 m) opens.

THIS DAY IN ENTERTAINMENT: 1989 – The Batman movie, with Jack Nicholson and Michael Keaton, is released in theaters.

HAPPY JUNE 23 BIRTHDAY TO: Randy Jackson 60, Ted Shackleford 70, Miles Fisher 33, Selma Blair 44, Zinedine Zidane 44, Melissa Rauch 36, Bryan Brown 69, and June Carter Cash (1929-2003).

22 Jun 2016
June 22, 2016

Strawberry Cheesecake Salad

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Here is a light, cool summer dessert that is easy to make. This recipe does not have a quantity for mini-marshmallows…add a cup at a time until you feel it is the correct amount.

Strawberry Cheesecake Salad

12 ounces whipped topping
1 (3 1/2 ounce) packages cheesecake flavor instant pudding and pie filling mix
3 (6 ounce) packages strawberry yogurt
1 lb fresh strawberries, sliced
3 bananas, sliced ( add just before serving or they brown)
miniature marshmallow ( add just before serving)


Thaw whipped topping and in a large salad bowl stir together whipped topping, yogurts, and pudding powder. Let this set up in the fridge for at least an hour before serving. Wash and slice strawberries. You can add strawberries to salad or wait to add them with sliced bananas and marshmallows just before serving. Keep refrigerated. **Note: If you can’t find cheesecake pudding you can use vanilla**
Source www.food.com

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JOKE OF THE DAY: With the price of meat, the only grilling in my backyard will be my bug zapper.

HAPPY JUNE 22 BIRTHDAY TO: Kris Kristofferson 80, Donald Faison 42, Peter Asher 72, Carson Daly 43, Cyndi Lauper 63, Prunella Scales 84, Tracey Pollan 56, Lindsay Wagner 67, Meryl Streep 67, Todd Rundgren 68, Freddie Prinze (1954-1977), and John Dillinger (1903-1934).


21 Jun 2016
June 21, 2016

Remove Fuzz Balls From Clothing

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There are all sorts of gadgets to remove fuzz balls on clothing but a common household item will do the trick just fine. You can use your foot pumice stone on any knitted garment to remove fuzz balls. A pumice stone may be something you bring along on vacation, it can double a a fuzz remover.

SHARING: I do not claim all posts to be my own…I post the sites, who and where originate from if the source is known.

JOKE OF THE DAY: Never be afraid to try something new. Remember, amateurs built the Ark…professionals built the Titanic.

THIS DAY IN ENTERTAINMENT: 2003 – The fifth Harry Potter book is released and becomes the fastest selling book in history.

HAPPY JUNE 21 BIRTHDAY TO: Sharna Burgess 31, Doug Savant 52, Bernie Kopell 83, Juliette Lewis 43, Prince William 34, Mariette Hartley 76, Chris Pratt 37, Carrie Preston 49,  Michael Gross 69, Meredith Baxter 69, Jane Russell (1921-2011), and Tony Scott (1944-2012).