31 Jul 2016
July 31, 2016

Two Ingredient Pizza Dough

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SHARING: I do not claim all posts to be my own…I post the sites, who and where they originate if the source is known.

JOKE OF THE DAY: I’m not so much on seizing the day. I just kind of poke it with a stick.

THIS DAY IN ENTERTAINMENT: 2001 – Napster, music and file sharing website is shut down by court order.

HAPPY JULY 31 BIRTHDAY TO: Dean Cain 50, Michael Biehn 60, J.K. Rowling 51, Geraldine Chaplin 72, Wesley Snipes 54, Demarcus Ware 34, BJ Novak 37, Mark Cuban (entrepreneur) 58, Rico Rodriguez 18,  and Ted ‘Lurch’ Cassidy (1932-1979).

30 Jul 2016
July 30, 2016

Greek Style Oven Roasted Lemon Butter Parmesan Potatoes

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Greek Style Oven Roasted Lemon Butter Parmesan Potatoes

3 lbs potatoes
1 cup chicken broth
2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice
1/4 cup butter, melted (no substitutes)
1 teaspoon oregano (or to taste)
1 tablespoon fresh minced garlic (optional or to taste)
salt and pepper
1/2-3/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese (or to taste)
chopped fresh parsley

1 Set oven to 375 degrees.
2 Butter a shallow baking dish large enough to hold the potatoes.
3 Peel and cut the potatoes into large wedges and place into the prepared baking dish.
4 In a bowl combine the broth, lemon juice, butter, oregano, salt, pepper and minced garlic (if using); mix well to combine.
5 Pour over potatoes in the dish and stir to coat well.
6 Cover the dish tightly with foil.
7 Bake for about 40 minutes.
8 Uncover and turn potatoes.
9 Sprinkle with Parmesan cheese, and return to oven (uncovered).
10 Bake for another 20-30 minutes, or until potatoes are done to desired tenderness.
11 Sprinkle with chopped fresh parsley and serve.
12 *NOTE* the Parmesan may be sprinkled on just after baking if desired.

SHARING: I do not claim all posts to be my own…I post the sites, who and where they originate if the source is known.

THOUGHT OF THE DAY: Life and beer are very similar…chill for best results.
JULY 30 IS: National Friendship Day

HAPPY JULY 30 BIRTHDAY TO: Buddy Guy 80, Delta Burke 60, Vivica A. Fox 52, Hilary Swank 42, Lisa Kudrow 53, Tom Green 44, Alton Brown 54, Lawrence Fishburne 55, Paul Anka 75, Christine Taylor 45, Hope Solo 35, Simon Baker 47, Jaime Pressley 39, Arnold Schwarzenegger 69, and Henry Ford (1863-1957).

29 Jul 2016
July 29, 2016

How to Purge Plastic From Your Kitchen

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How to Purge Plastic From Your Kitchen
Whether or not your plastic containers are BPA-free, some research suggests that they might still contain harmful chemicals. Want to go plastic-free at home? Here are six genius swaps to make it happen.
By Heath Goldman

Swap plastic wrap for…
Bee’s Wrap, reusable sheets of organic cotton muslin that are infused with beeswax. Use the heat of your hands to mold around the top of a bowl, sandwiches, cheese, or a loaf of bread. Each sheet lasts for a year, and comes in a variety of beautiful, vibrant patterns.
GIR Silicone Lids come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors, and suction onto every sort of bowl and casserole dish to keep food fresh.
Tinfoil! To keep things simple.
Swap zippered plastic bags for…
Lekue silicone food storage bags, which are safe for the fridge and freezer. Each reusable, dishwasher-safe bag has a sturdy zipper and flat bottom, so it stands up on its own. Each bag has cup, ml, and oz measurements marked clearly on the side.
Lunchskins Sandwich Bags are made from lightweight, quick drying cotton fabric. Each cute bag fastens with a hook and loop, and is dishwasher safe.
Swap plastic storage containers for…
Anchor Hocking Glass refrigerator sets, which are made from sturdy, dishwasher-, microwave-, and oven-safe glass. They come in a variety of sizes and have heavy glass lids that keep food fresh. Opt for these 100 percent glass containers over storage containers that have glass bottoms and plastic tops.
Stainless Steel Tiffin, traditional Indian food carriers made from stackable tiers. In other words, these compartments take up minimal space in your refrigerator, and keep food super organized. They make fantastic lunchboxes, too.
Weck jars or mason jars.
Swap ice packs for…
Oynx Stainless Steel Ice Packs are about the size of an iPhone, and can slip directly next to your food. Filled with distilled water, they freeze solid in about two hours, and will keep lunch cool for four to six hours.
Swap plastic water bottles for…
Klean Kanteen water bottles come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes—and are made entirely of stainless steel.
Hydro Flask products have insulated walls that keep drinks cold for 24 hours, and warm beverages hot for six hours.
Swap sippy cups for…
Pura Kiki Toddler Bottle, made from stainless steel with a silicone spout and travel cap, is totally plastic-free. Internal volume markings make measuring beverages a breeze.
Green Sprouts Glass Sip ‘n Straw Cup holds liquid in a glass insert that’s covered with a plastic shield for protection (which never comes in contact with the beverage). This is a great option if you’re looking for a transparent sippy cup.

SHARING: I do not claim all posts to be my own…I post the sites, who and where they originate if the source is known.

JOKE OF THE DAY: Women spend more time thinking about what men are thinking than men actually spend thinking.

THIS DAY IN HISTORY: 1981 – Wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana televised.
HAPPY JULY 29 BIRTHDAY TO: Martina McBride 50, Ted Lindsay 91 who organized the NHL Players Union, Josh Radnor 42, Patty Scialfa 63, Tim Gunn 63, Will Wheaton 44, and Peter Jennings (1938-2005).

28 Jul 2016
July 28, 2016

Gardening Tip To Rinse Vegetables

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As you can see from the photo, all you need is a basket with holes and a larger container. Place the vegetables in the basket/ colander and rinse them off with a hose into the larger container right there in the garden. Then re-use the water on your plants. Two birds with one stone.

SHARING: I do not claim all posts to be my own…I post the sites, who and where they originate if the source is known.

JOKE OF THE DAY: Sleeping is hard in the summer because blankets are too warm, but without blankets I am vulnerable to monsters.

HAPPY JULY 28 BIRTHDAY TO: Nolan Gerard Funk 30, Jim Davis 71, Dustin Milligan 31, Lori Loughlin 52,  Sally Struthers 69, Jacqueline Onassis Kennedy (1929-1994), Terry Fox (1958-1981), Beatrix Potter (1866-1943), and Rudy Valee (1901-1986).

27 Jul 2016
July 27, 2016

Try These Incredible Aluminum Foil Body Uses

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Try These Incredible Aluminum Foil Body Uses
We all have a roll of aluminum foil somewhere in our kitchen drawers or cabinets, but we never think to use it on our body! Instead of whipping out the foil for just cooking, trying using it for any of these incredible health solutions. From kicking the common cold to the curb, to battling insomnia, this magical material is perfect for a ton of troublesome, everyday issues!

Blast Fatigue Right Now: Using aluminum foil to get rid of fatigue is an age-old tradition recognized by experts all over the world! To use thing in your own life, Consumer Health Digest suggests that you start by placing several aluminum foil strips in the freezer for for 2-4 hours. Then you should apply the strips to your face (specifically your cheeks or eyelids) and leave them in place until you feel the muscle totally relax! Once you take off the aluminum foil, you’ll notice that the symptoms of fatigue and insomnia are gone for good.

Soothe Painful Joints: Aluminum foil is great for treating painful conditions like arthritis, gout, sciatica and heel pain! To get the most out of this method, begin by wrapping the foil around the most painful area on your body and use a medical bandage to keep it nice and secure. Leave the wrap in place overnight (or while lounging around during the day). Repeat this for 10-12 days, then give your body a two-week break. If the pain persists, repeat the treat and break routine until it disappears!

Alleviate Fresh Burns: It’s a little-known fact that elements in aluminum foil can help soothe burns better than many other methods. The University of Wisconsin even advises their trauma doctors to dress fresh burns with aluminum foil! To heal your burn wounds start by washing it with cold water and drying it with a soft cloth. Then apply a thin layer of burn ointment, followed by sterile gauze. After that, wrap the gauze with aluminum foil and secure it with medical bandage. Keep the wrap in place until you notice the pain leaving the area!

Phantom Pains, Be Gone: If you’ve recently undergone an amputation surgery or are experience phantom pains that you just can’t explain, aluminum foil may be the answer to your prayers! You can help banish these painful bouts by wrapping some aluminum foil around the affected limb. Keep it in place with a medical bandage and as soon as you notice the pain is gone, you can remove the foil!

Get Rid Of A Pesky Cold: With cold and flu season right around the corner, it’s important to know how to treat the symptoms without turning to antibiotics! You can use aluminum foil to do this by wrapping your feet in 5-7 layers, leaving it on for an hour or so and removing it. Let your feet breathe for two hours and then repeat the process with another 5-7 layers of foil. Give your feet another two-hour breather and repeat the process one more time! Do this for seven days, or until you feel back to good health.

SHARING: I do not claim all posts to be my own…I post the sites, who and where they originate if the source is known.

THOUGHT OF THE DAY: There are two things I won’t post: 1. My love life 2. My finances…as far as Y’all know, I am broke and no one wants me.

SAD DAY IN SASKATOON TODAY: The owner and operator of the internationally recognized Hole in the Wall restaurant in Shields, Sask. has died. Nelson Luis Urteaga was 74. He and his wife opened up a small restaurant in the middle of nowhere called “Hole In The Wall” Restaurant. The Hole in the Wall is based in an old Texaco gas station converted into a restaurant in Shields, a town near Blackstrap.

HAPPY JULY 27 BIRTHDAY TO: Seamus Deaver 40,  A-Rod 41, Bobbie Gentrie 72, Maya Rudolph 44, Norman Lear 94, Jerry Van Dyke 85, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau 46, Nick Hogan 26, Betty Thomas 68, Julian McMahon 48, and Jonathon Rhys Myers 39.

26 Jul 2016
July 26, 2016

Triple Treats (Copycat Oh Henry Bars)

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I’ve had Eatmore Bars made in a pan but this is sure to be a big hit.

Triple Treats (Copycat Oh Henry Bars)

2 cups milk chocolate chips
2 tablespoons shortening
30 vanilla caramels, unwrapped
3 tablespoons butter
2 tablespoons water
1 cup chopped peanuts

In a double boiler, melt chocolate and shortening.
Stir until smooth.
Remove from heat.
Pour 1/2 into a foil lined 8 inch square pan.
Refrigerate until firm.
Combine caramels, water and butter.
Place mixture on low heat until smooth.
Stir in nuts.
Pour into chocolate lined pan.
Spread evenly and top with remaining melted chocolate.
Refrigerate until firm, about 1 hour.
Cut into bite sized pieces.

SHARING: I do not claim all posts to be my own…I post the sites they are from if the source is known.

JOKE OF THE DAY: If you are wondering about my culinary skills; I’ve been asked to bring paper towels to family gatherings.

THOUGHT OF THE DAY: This recipe calls for melting chocolate in a double boiler. Have you looked for a set of pots and pans that have a double boiler? They all come with steamers…I don’t know if you could even buy a double boiler. Another era coming to an end.

HAPPY JULY 26 BIRTHDAY TO: Monica Raymund 30, Dorothy Hamill 60, Helen Mirren 71, Sandra Bullock 52, Mick Jagger 73, Taylor Momsen 23, Kate Beckinsale 43, Kevin Spacey 57, Vivian Vance (1909-1979), Stanley Kubrick (1928-1999), Blake Edwards (1922-2010), Gracie Allen (1902-1964), Jason Robards Jr. (1922-2000), and James (Roscoe P. Coltrane) Best (1926-2015).

25 Jul 2016
July 25, 2016

11 Simple Ways to Cut Calories

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11 Simple Ways to Cut Calories

Anyone who’s ever tried to lose weight knows it takes work. But it may not require as much as you think. Throwing everything at the problem might, in fact, be exactly why you fail at the latest plan you’ve sworn you’ll stick to. “You have to start small,” says Holly Wyatt, MD, a clinical researcher at the Center for Human Nutrition in Denver. “People tend to launch on a weight-loss program and try to change everything in their lives all at once.” Therein lies the problem, experts say. Such drastic attempts rarely ever work. The simple solution? Make incremental adjustments to your eating and exercise habits that can shave calories here and there for maximum impact. For example, consuming just 100 fewer calories each day is enough to avert the 1 to 2 pounds the average person gains each year, says Wyatt, who co-authored a study in the Journal Science on battling obesity. To lose weight, you have to go a step further, she says, downsizing by 500 calories a day. But you don’t have to slash them all from your plate. “You can eat 250 calories less and then burn 250 by walking for 30 to 45 minutes. Over a week, that will produce about a pound of weight loss,” Wyatt says. You won’t see dramatic changes immediately, but small tweaks like these can, and will, pay off over time.
. 1. Order two appetizers. Instead of an entrée, that is. It’s no big secret that serving sizes at restaurants have grown exponentially over the last couple of decades. According to a study at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the average hamburger is 23 percent larger today than it was in 1977, and soft drinks are a whopping 50 percent bigger. So rather than ordering a main course that might leave a long-haul truck driver requesting a doggie bag, choose a pasta dish and salad or soup from the appetizer column. The smaller sizes here won’t wreak havoc on your dietary goals
. 2. Visit the vending machine. Nibbling on single servings is better than digging your way to the bottom of a megabag of chips. Just don’t bring a whole roll of quarters along during your next snack attack
. 3. Start with salad…and eat less during the rest of the meal, says a recent study from Pennsylvania State University. Researchers there had 33 women eat a variation on the same garden salad 20 minutes before a main pasta course. When the salads were topped with low-fat mozzarella and low-calorie Italian dressing instead of high-fat alternatives, the women ate 10 percent fewer calories over the course of the day.
4. Stick a fork in it. If you prefer your salad dressing on the side, dip your fork into it before stabbing your greens. That little maneuver could cut 500 calories, say Lyssie Lakatos and Tammy Lakatos Shames, authors of the book Fire Up Your Metabolism: 9 Proven Principles for Burning Fat and Losing Weight Forever (Fireside). Plunging an already-loaded fork into the buttermilk ranch will pick up more of the creamy condiment–and the calories that come with it.
5. Watch coffee calories. The fancy concoctions that are now the javas of choice for many people can contain as many calories as an entire lunch. A 16-ounce Starbucks Caffé Mocha with whole milk, for instance, packs 400 calories–the same number as in a grilled-chicken sandwich–along with 22 grams of fat and 33 grams of sugar. If a regular cup of joe bores you, slim down your latte by going with skim or 2 percent milk.
6. Walk and talk. The next time a call on your cell phone keeps you yakking for a while, slip on your walking shoes, and stroll the halls at work or hoof it outside. If you did this for 10 minutes every workday at a moderate 3 mph pace, you’d burn about 1,000 calories a month and lose 3 pounds a year.
7. Crack a nut. Dieters in a Harvard University study who ate a handful of peanuts or mixed nuts daily were more likely to keep weight off than a group whose regimen didn’t include the high-fat snacks. Remember, though, that nuts are not only rich in heart-healthy fats but also calorie-dense: Count out 15 almonds or cashews or 30 pistachios to keep your consumption in check.
8. Don’t just sit there. The average person burns 100 calories per hour sitting and 140 per hour standing. Get on your feet two hours a day while you work, and you could drop an extra 6 pounds over the year. To this end, Frances Wilkins, publisher of MemoryMinder diet journals, put a counter-height worktable in her office. “As a result, I move around much more, and it gives me a break from that office-chair posture,” she says.
9. Sleep well, lose more.According to a recent study in The Lancet, sleep loss may hinder your efforts to lose extra pounds. Insufficient shut-eye appears to increase production of the stress hormone cortisol, which regulates appetite. High levels seem to worsen bingeing and hunger; moreover, too little sleep could keep your body from burning carbohydrates, which translates to more stored body fat.
10. Double your protein. The high-protein, low-carb approach may help keep you from losing muscle along with fat, according to a new study published in The Journal of Nutrition. Twenty-four overweight women ate 9 to 10 ounces of lean meat, three servings of low-fat dairy, and at least five servings of vegetables a day–roughly double the protein and half the carbs of the average American. Over 10 weeks, the women lost 16 pounds, about the same number as a control group who ate according to the USDA Food Guide Pyramid. But the women who pumped up the protein lost 2 more pounds of fat while maintaining a pound more of calorie-burning muscle than the other subjects. The secret: the amino acid leucine, found in beef, dairy, poultry, fish, and eggs. According to study author Donald K. Layman, PhD, of the University of Illinois, it may help preserve muscle tissue.
11. Keep an exercise journal. Writing down your fitness achievements is a great way to track your progress, give yourself positive feedback, and maintain focus on your goals. Molly Kimball, RD, a sports nutritionist at New Orleans’ Ochsner Clinic, goes one better, encouraging her clients to share their exercise diaries with friends. This fosters accountability by making your accomplishments and aspirations a matter of public record.

SHARING: I do not claim all posts to be my own…I post the sites, who and where they originate if the source is known.

JOKE OF THE DAY: If you wait long enough to make dinner, everyone will just eat cereal. It’s science.

JULY 25 IS: National Tequila Day. Enjoy.

HAPPY JULY 25 BIRTHDAY TO: Iman 61, Illeania Douglas 51, Matt LeBlanc 49, Ed Dickson 29, Michael Alan Welch 29, Walter Brennan (1894-1974), Brad Renfro (1982-2008), Walter Payton (1954-1999), and Estelle Getty (1923-2008).

24 Jul 2016
July 24, 2016

Easily Clean A Burnt Frying Pan

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Sunday is sometimes a lazy day for me so here is a quick tip on how to clean a burnt frying pan. This tip was inspired by the package of bacon thawing on our kitchen countertop this morning.

SHARING: I do not claim all posts to be my own…I post the sites, who and where they originate if the source is known.

JOKE OF THE DAY: Sunburns are a great way to tell the world you are a slow learner.

HAPPY JULY 24 BIRTHDAY TO: Ruth Buzzi 80, Eric Szmanda 41, Barry Bonds 52, John Aniston 83, Anna Paquin 34, Linda Carter 65, Michael Richards 67, Rick Fox 47, Rose Bryne 37, Jennifer Lopez 47, Bindi Irwin 18, Kristin Chenoweth 48, Pam Tillis 59, Chief Dan George (1899-1984), and Amelia Earhart (1897-1939).

23 Jul 2016
July 23, 2016

A ‘Must Know’ How To Read Bar Codes

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HOW TO READ BAR CODES… (everyone must know)


With all the food and pet products now coming from China, it is best to make sure you read label at the supermarket and especially when buying food products. Many products no longer show where they were made, only give where the distributor is located. The whole world is concerned about China-made “black-hearted goods”.

Can you differentiate which one is made in Taiwan or China ? The world is also concerned about GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) foods; steroid fed animals (ex: 45 days old broiler chicken).

It is important to read the bar code to track its origin. How to read Bar Codes….interesting !

If the first 3 digits of the bar code are 690, 691 or 692, the product is MADE IN CHINA.
471 is Made in Taiwan .
If the first 3 digits of the bar code are 00-09 then it’s made or sourced in USA.

This is our right to know, but the government and related departments never educate the public, therefore we have to RESCUE ourselves. Nowadays, Chinese businessmen know that consumers do not prefer products “MADE IN CHINA”, so they don’t show from which country it is made. However, you may now refer to the barcode –

Remember if the first 3 digits are:
690, 691, 692 … then it is MADE IN CHINA
00 – 09 … USA and CANADA
30 – 37 … FRANCE
40 – 44 … GERMANY
471 …….. Taiwan
45 or 49 ……..JAPAN
489………..HONG KONG
50 ………. UK
471……… is Made in TAIWAN (see sample)
740……….745 – CENTRAL AMERICA

All 480 Codes are Made in the PHILIPPINES. Share it!

SHARING: I do not claim all posts to be my own…I post the sites, who and where they originate if the source is known.

JOKE OF THE DAY: You couldn’t handle me even if I came with instructions.

HAPPY JULY 23 BIRTHDAY TO: Slash 51, Kathryn Hahn 41, Stephanie Marsh 42, Monica Lewinsky 43, Tristan MacManus 34, Paul Wesley 34, Edie McClurg 65, Woody Harrelson 55, Michelle Williams 46, Daniel Radcliffe 27, Don Drysdale (1936-1993), Pee Wee Reese (1918-1999), and Philip Seymour Hoffman (1967-2014).

22 Jul 2016
July 22, 2016

Protect Your Car Against Scratches in the Garage With A Pool Noodle

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Dings and dents from trying to squeeze your car into a small space, known as your garage can take a toll on your vehicle. Small dents and scratches can appear if you don’t use total precision when backing in and out of the garage, which could add up to a nice sum of money. Instead of having to fight the garage walls day in and day out, why not pad the walls with something as simple as a foam pool noodle? It’s a quick, easy and most importantly, inexpensive way to protect your car.

  1. Cut pool noodle in half, lengthwise. You will end up with 2 long, hollow pieces. Take safety precautions when cutting the noodle in half, keeping fingers away from the blade.
    Lay noodle on a hard surface to cut in half. Identify the middle of the rounded piece first before cutting.
  2. Identify the most vulnerable areas in the garage. Certainly the entire wall isn’t a usual offender, but perhaps there is one area that seems to get dinged the most (typically the area where car doors are opened and closed).
    Use your tape measure to determine the specific height of your car door. Keep in mind that SUV doors are considerably higher than doors on a sedan.
  3. Mark off the area where pool noodled will be mounted. Using your measuring tape and pencil, draw a straight line that denotes where the pool noodle should be located.
    Ask an assistant to hold the noodle in place and test out the position before making it permanent. Open and close door in the area to ensure you are on target.
  4. Mount noodle to wall. Apply ample glue to the back of the pool noodle and then hold it firmly in place on the target wall.
    Hold for up to 10 minutes or until you know that the glue has adhered to the noodle and wall. Because of the foamy texture you may want to tape it in place too for extra security.

SHARING…I do not claim all recipes or any post to be my own…I post who, or where, the sites originate if they are known.

JOKE OF THE DAY: I don’t have ex’s. I have EXAMPLES of what not to do again

THIS DAY IN ENTERTAINMENT:  2008 – Golden girls actress Estelle Getty passes away in her home in Hollywood.

HAPPY JULY 22 BIRTHDAY TO: Danny Glover 70, Willem Dafoe 61, David Spade 52, Prince George 3, Bobby Sherman 73, Selena Gomez 24, Alek Trebek 76, A.J. Cook 38, Terrence Stamp 78, Don Henley 69, Rhys Ifans 49, Rose Kennedy (1890-1995), and Dan Rowan (1922-1987).