25 Nov 2013
November 25, 2013

Over-the-Door Shelves Offer Sneaky Storage

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 Who couldn’t use more storage? Almost equally important, a great many people have memorabilia that they would like displayed but have no room or enough flat surfaces to properly showcase these treasures. Finding creative ways to store and display valuables is a never-ending quest for many people. Condo living with limited storage also presents it’s own set of storage problems as well. If your tables are cluttered and your bookcases are bursting at the seams, it’s time to look up. Over-the-door shelving systems let untapped space work as sneaky storage. Thanks to an article on Houzz, here are some truly clever ideas.
modern home office by Damian Zarebski
The standard ceiling height is 8 feet, while most doors or pass-throughs are only 6 feet, 8 inches. After taking into account the door frame and crown molding, you’ll still have a sizable space — as much as a foot (more if you have tall ceilings) — for an overhead shelf.
traditional living room by DesignLine Home Transformations
A single shelf provides space for books, vases or baskets.
farmhouse dining room by Sullivan Building & Design Group
contemporary kitchen by TEA2 ArchitectsBe safe. If you’ll be storing heavy objects over doorways, take precautions to keep your overhead wares secure with wire, dowels or adhesive — especially if you live in earthquake country.
traditional home office by Ernesto Garcia Interior Design, LLCDecide on a color. Wooden shelves against Sheetrock present an opportunity to use color to either highlight the shelves and/or wall, or let them blend in. This built-in unit follows the room’s colors and molding detail for a cohesive look.
Tip: If you’re looking to add a shelving system that looks like it was always there, use the same molding (or a slimmer version of the same style) to frame the entire feature.
farmhouse family room by Alix Bragg Interior Design
This shelving is darker than the walls, making the back wall appear deeper and the room larger.
eclectic living room by Morse Remodeling, Inc. and Custom Homes
Though shelving can’t actually make a room larger, over-the-door shelving provides useful space in a spot that may have otherwise gone untapped. Take this loft balcony, for example. The pony wall that’s needed to keep people from falling doubles as a well-stocked library. In turn, the top tiers of books that may have taken up valuable floor space somewhere else now add extra character — and perhaps the convenience of being able to reach the top shelf from the second level.
traditional living room by Louise Lakier
Taking the library to new heights. If you have a tall room, emphasize its height with a floating library that doesn’t rob floor space. Just make sure you can access it. A rolling library ladder like this one fits the bill nicely.

If a rolling ladder isn’t your style — or if your space can’t accommodate one — make sure you have another safe way to access your shelves. Folding ladders stash out of view when not in use.

eclectic kitchen by Antonio Martins Interior Design
Decide on a material. Don’t box your project in by thinking wooden shelves are your only option. Metal can be shaped to whatever dimensions you wish and can add a hip, industrial vibe. Here the metal shelving system is as much part of the art display as the artwork itself. With the accent color added to the wall, the shelves and their contents take on the attitude of the chosen hue.
traditional dining room by Sandra Lindsay Design
Brace it. For a long stretch of shelving, like this one spanning a wide door, brackets will keep it and whatever it holds from bowing under too much weight. Use wooden or metal brackets for practical and decorative purposes.
traditional dining room by Rizzoli New York
Add the unexpected. Here a collection of vintage hats creates an interesting scene between rooms.
eclectic bathroom by Rough LinenUtility. This bathroom pushes the limits of its dimensions by using an over-the-door shelf for necessary supplies. No hapless guest will ever have to yell, “Where’s the t.p.?”
contemporary bathroom Small Bathroom Storage Solutions
Extra towels are always accessible when stored up here.
Increase your closet’s storage with an extra shelf for purses, hats and seasonal accessories you don’t need every day.

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