28 Jan 2014
January 28, 2014

Salad In A Jar – What A Great Way To Stay On Your Diet

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Most people would eat salad almost every night; except for dragging out bags of vegetables, washing, chopping and putting away all the bags again is a LOT of trouble. Add to that, varying tastes in salad dressing is a nightmare. What if you could use up all the vegetables while they are out on the counter and make enough salad for several days all at once? Would that make you want to eat more salad, especially since you can customize it? You can make any arrangement you want… you can add red onion, cucumbers, radishes or peppers. Always remember to put the dressing at the bottom and the lettuce at the top—a MUST!!! Not only does SALAD IN A JAR save space in your fridge, it also reduces food waste and gets non-salad eaters to mow down daily.



Shredded carrots
Cherry tomatoes
Sunflower seeds
Baby spinach or lettuce

1) Arrange ingredients in a large mason jar
2) Store in fridge for up to a week
3) When ready to eat: shake jar, place on a plate, and eat!

JOKE OF THE DAY: Great wines improve with age, unfortunately non of my great friends do.

THIS DAY IN HISTORY: 1986 – 25th Space Shuttle (51L) Challenger-10 explodes 73 seconds after liftoff.

HAPPY JANUARY 28 BIRTHDAY TO: Alan Alda 78, Elijah Wood 33, Nick Carter 34, Joey Fatone Jr. 37, Sarah McLachlan 46, Barbie Benton 64, Camilla Alves 32, Carlos Slim 74, Kathryn Morris 45, and John “Schultz” Banner (1910-1973) from Hogan’s Heroes.