23 Jan 2014
January 23, 2014

Store Your ‘Stuff’ In A Wicker Basket In Any Room

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traditional laundry room by ReStyle Group
These pullout baskets fit nicely into the shelving in this mudroom. With luck, kids and adults will shed their sports clothing and equipment and stow them in the appropriate caddy.The chalkboard tags, come in all shapes and sizes.
modern family room by Braswell Homes Inc
The large lidded baskets in this living room add texture to the sleek white surroundings. They probably contain the children’s toys (like the ones that go with that awesome dump truck).
Designer Bathrooms
The open shelf underneath the sinks here makes perfect storage sense, but the space below that is a bonus, providing room for a quartet of baskets where towels, shampoo or cleaning products can go.
traditional living room by A Beach Cottage
To hide coffee table clutter (books, magazines, mail, TV remotes), just position a catchall basket under the table. In this case the white painted exterior makes it almost disappear.
traditional kitchen by Wioleta Kelly
As a stand-in for drawers, especially in a simple kitchen like this one, baskets can provide easy access to items like potatoes, garlic and onions. As a bonus, keeping produce out will often make it last longer.
traditional bedroom by Francis Dzikowski Photography Inc.
Two large corner baskets provide much-needed storage in this bedroom nook. Stacked like this, they also serve as a handsome side table.
traditional laundry room by Oakwood Homes
Wicker baskets have long been associated with laundry. For years they were used to transport wet clothes outdoors to be hung on the line. This room continues that idea with its multiple baskets — some have even been hung on the wall as decoration.
beach style bedroom by Liz Williams Interiors
The narrow basket mounted on the wall, with its stenciled letters and numbers, is an antique French munitions carrier. It looks like it’s being used here as art, but you could easily slip in some reading material, like magazines or dreamworthy design catalogs.
contemporary home office by Key Piece
Tucking a home office into a closet is a nifty trick. (Imagine shutting the door on work whenever you like.) But a compact space like this can quickly become cluttered. Consider utilizing small square baskets to keep stuff sorted and out of the way, as this homeowner does.
Something Wicker This Way Comes
To house fabric samples and other offices supplies, a California interior designer uses labeled wicker baskets.
farmhouse entry by Crisp Architects
The open shelves in this entryway are great for storing shoes and outdoor gear. Assorted baskets serve as repositories for miscellaneous equipment — gloves and hats, paddleball racquets and even what appears to be a pair of ice skates. (Perhaps the basket protects the shelf from scratches?) No matter what the baskets are holding, their different styles, shapes and hues add a distinctive element of style.
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