• Art Is The Jewel Of The Room

    Art Is The Jewel Of The Room

  • Modern or traditional, contemporary or funky – we have what you’re looking for.

    Modern or traditional, contemporary or funky – we have what you’re looking for.

  • Here’s to the home designer in all of us.

    Here’s to the home designer in all of us.

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    Putting A Room Together Starts With Good Bones

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    Style & Comfort – Together At Last.

  • The New Industrial Trend Is Here

    The New Industrial Trend Is Here

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sleeping in airport overnight airport Outside online

If you’re stuck in an airport overnight, you can do better than this.     Photo: izusek/iStock

EDITORS NOTE:  I found this on Facebook and found it a good survival guide for air travel over the holidays. Most of the post is for airports in the United States, however, a good number of these tips can be applied to Canadian airports. The following item is what you can expect from Air Canada if there are flight delays.

Flight delays: Some delays are within an airline’s control, whereas others, like those caused by severe weather or airport and air traffic disruptions, are simply out of our hands. Whatever the reason for the delay, Air Canada will be there to assist you.

What will Air Canada do in the event of an extended delay? In the case of an extended delay to an Air Canada, Air Canada rouge or Air Canada Express flight* which is expected to last:

  • 2 hours or more:
    • You may change your reservation** at no cost by choosing a new departure date within 7 days of your original travel date. If you change your departing flight, you can also, at the same time, choose a new return flight to match the same length of stay, if necessary.
    • You may retain the unused portion of your ticket and use it toward future travel on Air Canada.
    • You may request a refund for the unused portion of your ticket.
  • 4 hours or more:
    • When the delay is caused by circumstances within Air Canada’s control, an Air Canada airport agent will offer you a voucher for use at an airport restaurant or for our Air Canada Café service.
  • 8 hours or more:
    • For circumstances within Air Canada’s control – If your flight has been rescheduled to depart the next day, you may be entitled to meal vouchers, transportation to and from the airport as well as hotel accommodations (subject to availability) . Ask an Air Canada airport agent for assistance.
    • For circumstances outside Air Canada’s control – If your flight has been rescheduled to depart the next day, Air Canada representatives will provide you with hotel contact information where you can obtain valued customer rates.

In the event of an extended delay caused by a major disruption (e.g. a travel alert has been issued), we will offer you the option of travelling by Via Rail when a train segment matching your itinerary is available, as per the Air Canada/VIA Rail reprotection agreement.

* If you’re travelling on a codeshare flight, operated by another airline, we recommend that you contact the carrier directly, as it may be in a better position to make the appropriate accommodation arrangements.
** Please note that all flight changes are subject to availability.

My flight is delayed. What can I do on my end?

If the Air Canada, Air Canada rouge or Air Canada Express flight* you’re travelling on is delayed, and you want to find another flight or cancel your remaining flight(s), you can:

  • Search for an alternate flight to your destination (no change fees will apply) or cancel your remaining flight(s) **  altogether by accessing our online tool:
  • Call Air Canada Reservations for assistance in rebooking your delayed flight or cancelling the remainder of your itinerary.
  • Speak to an Air Canada airport agent if you’re already at the airport.

And remember that, if you purchase On My Way™ travel assistance for the delayed flight, you can call the On My Way™ desk at the number indicated on your Itinerary/Receipt to benefit from the extra coverage provided by the On My Way™ service.

* If you’re travelling on a codeshare flight, operated by another airline, we recommend that you contact the carrier directly, as it may be in a better position to make the appropriate accommodation arrangements.
** View Refund options.

If you’ve already boarded the plane and it is still at the gate:

  • In the case of delays of more than 60 minutes on the aircraft, when it is deemed safe, practical and legal, we will provide beverages and food. You’ll also be free to use your cell phone or computer, and move around the cabin.
  • If the delay exceeds 90 minutes and circumstances permit, you’ll be given the option of disembarking from the aircraft until it is time to depart.
  • Our in flight entertainment system is available to you right away so you can start watching your favorite movie or access one of our many other on-board entertainment features.

TIPS: A: Spending the night “camping” at an airport is one of those experiences many of us eventually have to endure. Why? Bad weather can’t be controlled and delays can lead to missed connections, especially at the end of the day. And because airlines are not required to do anything for passengers in these situations, they can leave travelers stuck in an airport with few options other than waiting. Having slept in countless airports over the past 25 years, I have a tried-and-true plan of attack. (And yes, sleeping overnight in airports is legal.)

Oh, Shoot—You’re Stuck. Now What? Unless you missed your flight because of an ill-timed layover, you might be able to score food vouchers from airport employees. After trying that, check Airport Hotel Guide, a guide to hotels inside or close to airports. If there are no vacancies or leaving the airport isn’t an option, ask for pillows and blankets—even a cot—from airline or airport staff. No one will offer any of this unless you ask. While that’s all happening, eye over sleepinginairports.net, which has survival tips on how to pass the night in specific airports around the world.

 Gear Up: Stock up on enough food and drink to last the night as most airport concessions close before midnight. If you don’t have a reusable water bottle, keep the plastic one you bought and fill’er up at the water fountain.

Rifle though your luggage for any extra layers—airports can be chilly and extra clothing will pad you against the floor, just in case that cot didn’t work out. Use pants or jackets as bedding and pillows.

Finally, wear sunglasses - they’ll make your unconsciousness less obvious. Earplugs are a good idea, too, if you’re with a group and not worried about theft.

 Protect Your Bags: If you are worried about someone stealing your stuff, look into luggage storage. Ask your airline for the closest one, but know that there’s hardly a standard for how they’re run. For example, the one at LAX is open 24 hours, and located in a stand-alone building. (Staff will shuttle you to and from for free.) However, at JFK, storage units are located in terminals one and four, but are only open from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. SFO, one of the most delayed airports in the U.S., has storage in the international terminal, also open from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.Delay prone, LaGuardia and Chicago O’Hare have no storage options.

Find Your Haven: Look for a safe, comfortable spot close to amenities. In general, look for benches & seating without arm rests, or carpeted areas that you know are monitored by camera, but aren’t near heavy foot traffic. Look for other airport nappers and go bond with them: safety in numbers never goes out of style.

Many U.S. airports now have yoga/meditation rooms (Chicago O’Hare & Midway, San Francisco, San Diego, Burlington, Dallas-Fort Worth, Albuquerque, Raleigh-Durham) that won’t frown on your version of quiet reflection. They often have complimentary mats. And most international airports have prayer rooms that might also be napping options. Be polite though.

A company called Minute Suites may also be an option. They offer sleep chambers furnished with HDTV, desk, phone, daybed, and Wi-Fi that you can rent by the hour ($38), overnight ($130) or just for a 30-minute shower ($25). Started in 2009, Minute Suites now has accommodations at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Dallas Forth Worth. Chicago O’Hare is next on the list.

Flying internationally? Munich is home to “Napcabs”, self-service sleep booths that come with Internet Access and a TV (10 Euro or $12-$13 per hour) and there are Yotel “pod” hotels in London HeathrowLondon Gatwick, and Amsterdam Schiphol. They plan on openinig one in Paris Charles de Gaulle in 2016 and in Sinagpore Changi in 2018.

If hotels or pods aren’t an option and you’re averse to sleeping in public, Donna McSherry, owner of sleepinginairports.net recommends sleeping in a rental car. “Head over to the car rentals’ hall to find out the cost of a car rental and—assuming you can keep the car in the lot at no cost, which you usually can at a regional airport—sleep in the car.”

Don’t Become a Statistic: Stick cash and credit cards in your shoe or in the pocket of your pant-pillow. Acquaint yourself with a night-shift employee and ask them to recommend a safe napping location. Offer to pay them up to twenty bucks to keep an eye on you and your gear.

My well-traveled friend Will McGough has mastered the art of sleeping while sitting. Not only will this make you look like a less obvious target, but it’s an invaluable skill in-flight. 

 The Morning After: Depending on how crusty you feel the next morning, travel expert John E. DiScala, who flies 150,000 miles a year, recommends paying for a day pass in an airline club. You can’t sleep in them because lounges usually close over night. But, some have showers (check Loungebuddy)—a most welcome sight after a night on the floor.

 And, You May Be Wondering: Is There Ever a Good Time to Sleep in an Airport? Travelers who have very early morning flights might actually want to spend the night in an airport rather than shell out for a hotel room or chance missing an alarm. If that’s you—arrive with a boarding pass (for airlines with electronic boarding passes) and early enough to go through security, which closes overnight, or you’ll be stuck in the less comfortable ticketing area. Many airlines don’t open their ticket counters until a few hours before departure, and even if they are open well before that, some won’t issue tickets until a couple of hours before flight time (call ahead if you’re not  sure). Also, beware of smaller airports, which tend to close down the gate section of the airport entirely during the midnight hours.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: If you don’t read the newspaper you are uninformed, if you do read the newspaper you are misinformed. – Mark Twain

HAPPY DECEMBER 20 BIRTHDAY TO: Peter Criss 69, Jonah Hill 31, Dick Wolf 68, Chris Robinson 48, Michael Badalucco 60, John Hillerman 82, Harvey Firestone (1868-1938), and Kathryn Joosten (1939-2012).


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