22 Jan 2015
January 22, 2015

Storage Solutions For Small Kitchens

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Found these ideas on Scott McGillvray’s blog site. Thank you for the clever use of small wasted spaces.

Small Kitchen Storage Ideas

Fridge storage:

We’re serious, find and create those secret organization spots wherever you can! If you fridge has an open wall, consider adding extra storage space in it with some shallow cabinets facing out. This can be a good spot to store brooms, mops and even cleaning equipment that you want to keep out of reach of the little ones.

Spice Storage:

Every one has those extra few inches between the fridge and the wall make the most of small spaces . This can easily convert into a spice rack! Put it on wheels and pull it in and out whenever you need your favorite spices. This would give you so much extra space in your pantry!!!

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