Unfortunately, service claims happen. Say you have just spent hundreds or thousands of dollars on something…it could be furniture or a boat or a new home and things go wrong. This is a broad generalization of what may happen when making a service claim on furniture. Every furniture manufacturer and retailer has a different warranty policy. Many times the claim will be prorated depending on the length of time the customer has owned the furniture. First. Find out, what or if, there is a warranty policy on the furniture. Many times, the furniture is made offshore and there is little or no warranty. Generally, the retailer will do everything humanly possible to work with the customer to have the problem solved. This is where it helps to remain calm.

TIP: ACT IMMEDIATELY. Time has a way of slipping by and if the furniture is past the warranty date even by a few days, you will be denied the claim by the manufacturer, even if the problem surfaced months before the claim.

If there is a warranty issue, visit the retailer where a service request form will need to be filled out. Provide as much of the following information as possible:

1.) Include a copy of the original bill. 2.) Allow 2-12 weeks for replacement parts. 3.) All transportation costs are the responsibility of the consumer. 4.) Take pictures if you can and send them to the retailer and they will pass them along to the supplier. 5.) When a local repair is required, a written estimate needs to be sent to the manufacturer for approval. 6.) Once it is approved, the repair needs to be complete in 30 days or the authorization may be revoked.

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